We are creating an open community of developers and innovators from within and outwith the university, with a wide range of interests, skills, expertise and know-how, to provide a pool of expertise, from which we can rapidly bring together small teams for short projects.

The IDEA lab will co-ordinate this pool of expertise to bring together small teams for short (3-12 person months) development and experimentation projects. Projects should be designed to evaluate novel research applications of informatics, and to underpin future bids for follow-on funding from more-traditional sources.

A competitive "proof-of-principle prototyping” (POPP) fund supports this rapid prototyping of development and experimentation projects, as a key stimulus to an entrepreneurial e-research culture. A “dragon’s den” will allocate resources to fund the marginal costs of interdisciplinary POPP projects.

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Gergely Orosz said...

I would be interested in getting information on how to join. Could you drop me a line on how to get in touch to gergely.orosz(at)gmail.com?