CSE POPP fund approved

Funding of £300k, to be spent in this academic year, has been earmarked by the College of Science and Engineering for POPP projects that will explore and assess new opportunities and pave the way for future funded research. This CSE POPP Fund is open to researchers from any School in the College.

Spending from the CSE POPP fund will be tracked by school. Proposals must specify the expenditure requested and its proposed allocation to schools, which must be approved by the head(s) of the relevant school(s) in the College of Science and Engineering.

Can others play too?

The lab is happy to look at and try to support any projects that make proof of principle prototypes for novel applications of informatics, within or outwith the university.

The CSE POPP fund is targetted at projects that will benefit our research - by enabling further research or tech transfer. Some Head of School has to be convinced that the project will benefit his school's research and agree to fund it from her/his school's account. The actual work could be contracted outside the University.

Everyone can play.

We intend to build a diverse community including developers, researchers and entrepreneurs. Diversity brings strength and innovation. We're interested in applications to research in the arts and humanities, as well as the sciences, and we're open to projects where the anticipated benefit is primarily cultural, social or commercial (but we still want novelty, we're not just a development agency). However, unless there is support from a School in the College of Science and Engineering, as above, the CSE POPP fund can't help: the funding has to come from elsewhere.

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