POPP project proposals: a new model

IDEA Lab is developing a new model for project development and proposal, based on open community appraisal and discussion. This will be driven through a web portal currently under design and construction. We expect to launch an initial site within the next few weeks. For updates, see this blog.

In the meantime, we are eager to develop a small number of proposals as exemplars, to guide the design of the IDEA lab portal. If you have an idea that you think might be turned into a proposal -- even if it's just preliminary at this stage -- read on!

We would welcome your comments, as a prospective proposer, and any suggestions you may have on our current draft of the call for proposals.

If you would like to develop a proposal with us, as an exemplar, please send a brief description of your current ideas to John Lee. These need not constitute a complete proposal, as our goal is that IDEA lab will help to refine even "half-baked" ideas. For example, we may be able help identify developers and innovators with appropriate skills, or experts who can advise on tools and algorithms.

We would therefore welcome even an incomplete sketch, identifying any unresolved issues, so that we can discuss with you how IDEA lab might help to take your proposal forward.

We are aware that we will need to accommodate a variety of concerns, depending on the nature, scope and intended outcomes of the proposed project. In particular, some aspects of any proposal may be confidential. Although our intention is to develop an open community process for proposal development, proposals received at this stage will be treated in confidence.

No information from your proposal will be published without your further authorisation. However, it would be helpful if you could highlight any confidential material, to help us formulate appropriate policies in this area.

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