what is iDEA lab?

IDEA lab is a virtual laboratory that will facilitate prototyping of novel applications of state-of-art informatic technologies. IDEA lab will enable and support multidisciplinary "proof-of-principle prototyping" (POPP) projects that develop and use informatic tools and techniques to:

  • collect and manage data,
  • discover and visualise structures and relationships;
  • model, simulate and analyse processes,
  • facilitate collaboration and create communities.

POPP projects will generate new collaborations across a range of interdisciplinary areas, as a key stimulus to an entrepreneurial e-research culture.

  • IDEA lab is an open community of developers and innovators from within and outwith the university, with wide-ranging interests, skills and know-how.
  • It provides a expert pool from which we can rapidly bring together agile teams for POPP projects making novel use of informatic applications and technologies.
  • It supports matchmaking, provides advice, and maintains a repositories of code, data, and expertise – open source, open data, open innovation.
  • It will help researchers to refine proposals, to identify appropriate software, data, and expertise, and to manage POPP projects that will open up new opportunities.
  • IDEA lab will administer POPP funds for specific groups: in particular, it will stimulate proposals, allocate funding, support and monitor POPP projects.

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