Project development and proposal

We're working on a drupal site and associated tools that will support the project lifecycle from brain-storming to reporting. This will be launched, real soon now, at http://idea.ed.ac.uk/

We've been waiting for Google Wave with eager anticipation. It may be just what we need for early-stage brainstorming and for communication within a project.

We have a couple of seed Wave accounts. Google is letting each new user make a limited number of nominations, then trickling out invitations as they build capacity.

If you think you may want to use Wave for IDEA lab engagement, and don't have a Wave account, let us know by adding a comment below. We'll find you a nomination as soon as we can (FIFO), provided you agree to use at least two of your nominations to add others below you in the list.

If you already have a Wave account, contact michael.fourman@googlewave.com (don't use this address to send email: despite appearances, this does not function as a regular email address–maybe that will come later) to join the IDEA lab wave.

Thanks to Andrew Ranicki for the, most apposite, cartoon link.